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Dutch win 23rd speedskating medal!
22 February 2014

The Netherlands opposes a boycott of Israel
10 January 2014

Locals faced with medieval tax to pay for castle renovations
14 August 2012

Dutch national anthem sounds strange at Olympics
31 July 2012

Expensive medicines advice starts national discussion
1 August 2012

All schools must teach about homosexuality, cabinet decides
17 February 2012

Unemployment rate reaches 6%
16 February 2012

It's official: The Netherlands is in recession, says statistics agency
15 February 2012

Employers do not want older workers
14 February 2012

Internet is powerful catalsyt for jihad: Dutch Security Service
14 February 2012

The Netherlands takes to its skates
10 February 2012

Inflation reaches 2.5% in January, or 2.9% according to EU figures
9 February 2012

Problems with Poles? Report them to us, says new PVV website
8 February 2012

Exports account for 29% of Dutch annual GDP
6 February 2012

The Netherlands needs migrant workers, employers say
3 February 2012

The Dutch are getting fatter
30 January 2012

Cabinet backs burka ban
27 January 2012

Law to ban burkas highly criticized by government advisors
24 January 2012

Claiming welfare? By 2013 you must speak Dutch
19 January 2012

The Netherlands will continue to support Israel
19 January 2012

Christian 'anti-gay' therapy is bizarre and wrong, says minister
17 January 2012

Dutch will take fewer holidays in 2012
10 January 2012

Inflation low since introduction of euro 10 years ago
10 January 2012

Dutch never before so pessimistic about their finances
5 January 2012

More late abortions since late ultrasound scan introduced
5 January 2012

Storm-force winds and heavy rain batter northern Netherlands
5 January 2012

New Year set to kick off with record temperatures but fewer fireworks
30 December 2011

December extremely wet, Christmas Day 2nd warmest ever
27 December 2011

The Netherlands benefits little from its foreign students
23 December 2011

Italian rubbish to be sent to the Netherlands for processing
21 December 2011

Hollands 20 biggest employers are cutting 37,000 jobs
18 December 2011

Luxembourg pips Holland to take top place in EU rich list
13 December 2011

Dutch economy virtually halted
9 December 2011

Poverty on the increase in the Netherlands
6 December 2011

Catholic priest vows to fight sacking for living with his girlfriend
6 December 2011

Unknown Rembrandt identified
2 December 2011

Gay rights movement has won the political battle, now for the rest
1 December 2011

November is the driest since records began
30 November 2011

Most people fail the short integration test for long-term residents
18 November 2011

The Netherlands is on the verge of a recession
15 November 2011

PVV investigage return of guilder
11 November 2011

The Netherlands ranked 3rd best country to live in
4 November 2011
Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Beatrix becomes oldest reigning Dutch monarch
3 November 2011

Fundamentalist Christian primary school wrong to sack gay teacher
2 November 2011

Amsterdam urged to stop promoting it's red light district
2 November 2011

Holland's richest people get richer
2 November 2011

Dutch expats compaign against dual nationality restriction
1 November 2011

Albert Heijn locks up the steaks
25 October 2011

Housing prices plunge 3% in September, sharpest fall this year
21 October 2011

Unemployment rises in Q3
20 October 2011

More people willing to work to the age of 65, but no longer
18 October 2011

The Netherlands fined €40m for breaking milk quota
18 October 2011

The Netherlands is a popular tax haven for FTSE 100 firms
14 October 2011

We are not really busy, busy, busy
14 October 2011

We must be honest about prostitution reality: Amsterdam official
14 October 2011

Cold Winter on the way
11 October 2011

Queen should pay tax, say MPs
11 October 2011

Turkish Dutch set to claim back integration costs
11 October 2011

Dutch Engergy is getting dirtier: report
7 October 2011

Immigration enriches the Netherlands: minister
7 October 2011

Strong marijuana to be treated as Class A drug: Cabinet plans
6 October 201

Inflation rises to 2.7%
6 October 2011

12 Dutch universities on Times top-200 list
6 October 2011

Alcohol lock for drunk drivers from December
4 October 2011

Terrorism threat comes from abroad
3 October 2011

Noord-Holland, Flevoland and Utrecht provinces to merge
We live in the province of Noord-Holland
30 September 2011

Dutch more negative about economy, but trust government
30 September 2011

Government is too secretive, says national onimbudsman
30 September 2011

Gay teacher fights back
29 September 2011

Health insurers call on hospitals to close emergency departments
28 September 2011

The Netherlands firm on Schengen enlargements: Romania, Bulgaria out
23 September 2011

House prices fall 2.8% in August
21 September 2011

Consumer confidence plummets
20 September 2011

Economic storm threatens the Netherlands, says finance minister
20 September 2011

Cabinet to agree burka ban on Friday, says RTL
15 September 2011

Minister to get tough on immigrants
15 September 2011

Minister to make it easier for transgenders to legally change sex
14 September 2011

Dutch banks, finance ministry are prepared for Greek banruptcy
13 September 2011

Dutch hotels 'most expensive' in the eurozone
13 September 2011

Subsidizing farmers to create nature is often pointless
13 September 2011

80 of the world's biggest firms use Dutch trust offices
12 September 2011

Budget leaks: economic growth no higher than 1% next year
12 September 2011

Gun laws to tighten up
11 September 2011

Earthquake hits Nijmegen
9 September 2011

Inflation stable at 2.6% in August, higher than eurozone average
8 September 2011

Few women at top in Dutch industry, 30% target far away
8 September 2011

The Netherlands rises in world competitiveness rankings
7 September 2011

Amsterdam police to scan all vehicle number plates on arrival
7 September 2011

Catholic school may ban Islamic headscarves
6 September 2011

Learn Dutch or lose your benefits, the Hague city council says
2 September 2011

The Netherlands most vulnerable in EU to natural disaster
2 September 2011

It's official: this is the wettest summer since 1906
31 August 2011

Most poor children in the Netherlands escape from poverty
31 August 2011

Students take universities to court
29 August 2011

Crime figures show an improvement
29 August 2011

Unemployment benefit creates budget shortfall
24 August 2011

House prices continue downward trend
22 August 2011

Household consumption falls
22 August 2011

Consumer confidence drops sharply
18 August 2011

Unemployment rose in July
18 August 2011

Turks need not integrate
16 August 2011

Dutch economy stagnates
16 August 2011

Number of foreign students increases
15 August 2011

The Netherlands oldest resident dies at 109
12 August 2011

Fewer than one in four now smoke
12 August 2011

The Netherlands credit worthiness not in doubt
12 August 2011

One in three refugee families live below the poverty line
11 August 2011

Population rises by nearly 30,000
11 August 2011

Suicide attempt leads to warning on asylum seeker mental health
4 August 2011

Maastricht cannabis cafes to ban all but Dutch, Belgians and Germans
4 August 2011

Cheap air tickets allow prostitutes to work at Schiphol
29 July 2011

One third of doctors have refused a euthanasia request
29 July 2011

2 articles about the closing of 92 prostitution windows in Alkmaar
Alkmaar Prayer Walks
Source information on the translated articles is noted by each article

Dutch workers have fewer holidays than EU average
27 July 2011

Urk ministers oppose 'anti-Bible' rock concert
15 July 2011

Police to be banned from wearing crosses and headscarves
13 July 2011

Amsterdam 50th in most expensive expat city ranking
12 July 2011

Population grows by 700,000 in 10 years
5 July 2011

Employers, unions urged to do more to keep on older workers
5 July 2011

Tilburg votes against cannabis club plan, opposition grows
5 July 2011

Plan to deport jobless poles is dangerous, say Polish ministers
4 July 2011

Ashtrays back in 52% of cafes and pubs
1 July 2011

Universaries to get tougher
30 June 2011

Amsterdam's most notorious brothel may re-open in 2012
30 June 2011

A burka conflict with good manners, like public nudity minister says
29 June 2011

Wilders found not guilty of inciting hatred
23 June 2011

KLM to fly on cooking oil
22 June 2011

Multiculturalism must go: Donner
17 June 2011

EU economy faces toughest challenge since World War II
30 May 2011

Canabasis clubs set to become private cafes, no entry for tourists
28 May 2011

More People leave the Catholic church
4 February 2011
DutchNews. nl

Tax Inspectors visit prostitutes
6 January 2011

Soft drug plan will mean 6 out of 10 coffee shops will close
4 January 2011

Muslim groups offer to protect threatened Coptic churches
4 January 2011

Controversy over home births in the Netherlands
Article about the pros and cons of giving birth at home. Holland has the highest rate of home birth of any country in Europe.
29 December 2010
BBC News

Christmas service with an American tint
Article about us and the English language Christmas service
Alkmaarsche Courant, 6 December 2010
pdf of the Dutch article, English translation

EU court clears the way for tourist ban for cannabis cafes
16 December 2010

Non-western immigration reduction claims don't add up
15 December 2010

Dutch GDP per person is second highest in Europe
15 December 2010

Cannnabis Cafes
Update on rules and proposals for cannabis cafes
10 November 2010

End to winding "Sex alleys"
Translation of an article about the prostitution street in Alkmaar
Alkmaars Nieuwsblad, October 20, 2010
article on Alkmaar Prayer Walks website

'Merkel says that German multi-cultural society has failed'
While this article is about Germany, the same discussions and issues are at the forefront of Dutch politics now as well. It is a hot topic here and our new cabinet are tightening immigration and integration rules.
17 October 2010
Yahoo News

Dutch cabinet minister Wilders wants reduced non-western immigration
15 October 2010

Amsterdam shops go cash free
12 October 2010

The Netherlands leads the way in secularization
1 September 2010 (Dutch version)
Word Document with English translation

Alternative Porn
25 July 2010
Zondagochtendblad (Sunday morning paper)
Word document

Can non-Dutch nationals be banned from purchasing cannabis?
16 July 2010

Bible Belt says no to football on Sunday, whatever the occasion
9 July 2010

The Netherlands gears up for World Cup finals on Sunday
Just how football crazy are the Dutch?
9 July 2010

Parakeet forecasts Dutch World Cup victory, octopus goes for Spain
...and people believe this stuff?
9 July 2010

Dutch teens have doubts about equal rights for immigrants
30 June 2010

Support for gay rights grows
23 June 2010

Amsterdam considers using 'decoy Jews' to combat anti-semitism
21 June 2010

Sharp growth in euthanasia deaths
16 June 2010

Most dads spend enough time with their kids
16 June 2010

The Dutch finally stop growing
10 June 2010

Council helps jobless women find rich men to keep them
8 June 2010

Riding Bikes with the Dutch
Riding Bikes with the Dutch is a fast-paced introduction to the bicycle-centered lifestyle in Holland.
movie trailer

25% of Dutch people take the day off work for first Dutch World Cup match
Monday, 31 March 2010

50,000 non-western immigrants would cost €7.2b
Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Do You Hear What I Hear?
"The deaf are virtually an 'unreached people group,' but an Illinois ministry is remedying that one video at a time."
Christianity Today Article, March 2010
pdf version

Prisons hire in psychic healer
Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Dutch Government Collapses Over Afghanistan
Saturday 20 February 2010

Cabinet Collaspe - What Next?
Saturday, 20 February 2010

Contradictions Found in Character of Dutch
Richard de Burnchurch
Old newpaper article from some time in the 1980's
Word document, plain text document

European Parliamentary Assembly’s 2007 resolution on “the dangers of creationism in education”
The Ambassador's Briefing, November 17, 2008

Controversial anti-Muslim Dutch film adds to already simmering tensions
Tuesday, December 11, 2007
By Michael Y. Park
Word Document

Hearts for Holland
In Greater Europe Mission's December 2007 Prayer Communique there is an article on us and our ministry in Holland.
.pdf document

Netherlands not so Dutch anymore
By MIKE CORDER, Associated Press WriterWed Nov 21, 7:54 AM ET
An article on the internationalization of the Netherlands
Word Document

Europe:  Too late for a revival
A translation of an article that appeared on September 22, 2007 in the Nederlands Dagblad.
Word Document

Young Muslims begin dangerous fight for the right to abandon faith

From The TimesOnline, September 11, 2007
Word Document

European Believers Report 2007
The numbers of evangelical believers in Europe are dropping
Ruth Robinson, A summary of the EBR '07 report
MS Word Document .text only document

The Netherlands:  one of the world's most atheistic countries
According to a recent study, 36 of 50 countries with the highest atheist/agnostic populations are within Greater Europe. In fact, eight of the top 10 are European countries. The Netherlands is the 5th most atheistic country based on percentage of the population.
Zuckerman, Phil. "Atheism: Contemporary Rates and Patterns", chapter in The Cambridge Companion to Atheism, ed. by Michael Martin, Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, UK (2005).
MS Word Document .pdf document

Help, the pastor doubts!
An article about pastors in Holland who doubt or even deny the existence of God.
De Visie - Evangelical Broadcasters publication October 7, 2006
by Arie Kok, Chief Editor
MS Word Document Text only document

Churches Empty in Holland
An article about the current state of the church in Holland.
Noordhollands Dagblad, Tuesday, September 5, 2006
By Theo Krabbe
MS Word Document Text only document

Europe: A Christian Continent?
An article published by The European Spiritual Estimate on the current condition of the church in Europe pdf document

Holland is in the red
An article by Joel News about the specific conditions of the church in Holland
MS Word document Text only document

Dutch Immigrants Must Watch Racy Film
An article about a new immigration requirement in Holland
MS Word document Text only document

Survey: What Europeans Believe
Faith is a Private Matter - Seven Out of Ten Believe in God - But What About Life After Death?
By Wolfgang Polzer, ASSIST News Service,
Friday, February 25, 2005
MS Word document Text only document

More Dutch Plan to Emigrate as Muslim Influx Tips Scales
Published: February 27, 2005 New York Times
MS Word document Text only document

Muslim Extremism Erupts In The Netherlands:
Is this a model for how the rest of Europe will deal with this 'clash of civilizations'?
By Arnaud de Borchgrave,
Published November 15, 2004, ed. RR
The Washington Times
MS Word document Text only document

Now They Want To Euthanize Children:
In the Netherlands, 31 percent of pediatricians have killed infants. A fifth of these killings were done without the "consent" of parents.
By Wesley J. Smith. 9/13/2004, Daily Standard
MS Word document Text only document

Euthanizing Children:
From a Slippery Slope to an Avalanche
BreakPoint with Charles Colson, ed.RR
BreakPoint Search on "Commentaries" - October 5, 2004
MS Word document Text only document

Doctors Criticize Euthanasia Of Children:
A public statement is issued from The World Federation of the Catholic Medical Associations
September 6, 2004 (Posted, October 13, 2004), ­ The World Seen From Rome
MS Word document Text only document

Dutch Law Extends To All Born Humans:
Euthanasia linked to the devaluation of human life and abortion
An interview with bioethicist Father Gonzalo Miranda, dean of the School of Bioethics of the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University, representing the Catholic Church on UNESCO's International Bioethics Committee, entrusted with writing a Declaration on Universal Norms of Bioethics.
September 6, 2004, ed.RR
MS Word document Text only document

Europe Will Be Islamic By The End Of The Century
By Robert Spencer,
Posted September 16, 2004,
Human Events
MS Word document Text only document



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