June 25-27, 2010 the Dutch Sign Language Bible workgroup held an orientation weekend for potential translators. We had a good group of enthousiastic people attend.
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Additional weekend photos

Videos from the weekend:
Mark 4:1-6 in NGT
Worship time

Group discussion
Meal times
BSL team teaching


 Dutch Sign Language Bible project








Fishermen's cottages

We stayed in 4 fishermen's cottages.

view from my window

This was the view out of my bedroom window.

analyzing the translations

We filmed the 3 groups versions of Mark 4 and the analyzed the choice that were made.

discussion group

Working out the translation of Mark 4: 1-9

MienMien filled in for us at the last minute as a second cook. Whenever she had a free minute from the kitchen, she was in the main room observing the orientation. She's now hooked!


Judith in the kitchenJudith was one of our volunteer cooks.

discussion group

One of the discussion groups. We gave the assignment to try to translate Mark 4 1-9 to 3 groups.

Judith prepares for lunch

We were able to enjoy all of our meals on the patio. The weather couldn't have been more perfect!

another discussion group

A second discussion group works on translating Mark 4:1-9.


All of the participants helped with clean up from the meals. This is Rene who is very enthousiastic about being on a translation team.


The meals were great and gave us a good opportunity for geting to know one another better.

meal time

Arie, Tracey and John. Tracey and John are part of the British translation project. They came to help with the weekend.

Arno and Kasper

Arno (left) helped organize the weekend. Kasper (right) is a member of our work group.

John and Tracey present

John and Tracey presented about the British Sign Language project. We had the Power Point in English on one screen and Dutch on the other.


We had a good group of participants....mostly Deaf.